Monday, February 18, 2008

Five haiku about the end of 'acting in'

Two and a half years
I've been doing this job, yet
I must re-apply.

Enthusiasm -
Can I muster enough to
Fake sincerity?

Let's talk leadership.
Is the job interview best
to query its lack?

Only merit can
Give meaning to an offer
Of any value.

How good should I be?
Do they want excellence, or
compliant bullshit?

Chris Gill
policeman and poet; it's
too hard to fathom...

Cathy Dineen

Cathy writes a birthday haiku for Ian

Age is not in years
But in attitude, they say...
Happy birthday, Ian... mate

Cathy Dineen

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lunar New Year Haiku

year of the rat
the promise of new beginnings
good news for all

for everyone

Ian Row


you're gone
did you know i was sorry
and that it was love?

for stuie

Ian Row

Dream: 0302

struggling with mother
why won't you let me in?
things unsaid

the end of the world
in one hundred and twenty days
read the text message

Ian Row

Two haiku about msg-induced dreams

i saw yeti
running up snow capped mountain
i know where you live

gracious dying
easy to be generous
when there's still time

Ian Row

Sunday, February 03, 2008

festivity time
friends, gossip, tales told and more -
steak night at commune

Cathy Dineen