Monday, May 25, 2009

Spot Haiku 24 Part 3 of 3

Holiday 2009: Suite

Where do I start it?
This narrative of freedom?
Three pm flight out?

ii. Singapore
Awake for twenty
hours no wonder my feet hurt
reiki! reiki! rei....

iii. Denmark
Saw Mary's house but
Fred and her were out it seems -
No milk on doorstep

iv. Edinburgh
It's the accent that
gets me - "do yer ken?"
That and the shortbread

v. Loch Ness
Small bus to big lake
guide - a madman in a kilt
High speed on thin roads....

vi. York
Romans and Vikings -
More ghosts than can be counted
Minster choir at dusk

vii. Naburn
Noble horses snort
while crossing the Trans-Pennine
Pinch me - I'm dreaming...

viii. Whitby
Harbouring history
In weathered stone - and stories
of jet-black vampires.

ix. Heptonstall (Sylvia Plath's grave)
The pilgrimage to
her small white gravestone; as if
no one else knew her.

x. Haworth (Bronte Parsonage)
Teensy tiny books
by teensy tiny women.
Madness on the moors.

xi. London
Three hours - Tate Modern
Power station for our art -
Abstract lifts my soul.

Cathy Dineen

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spot Haiku 24 Part 2 of 3

bright golden morning
elm leaves like confetti
autumn's first wedding

Ian Row

Twitter tweet twitter
Twitter twitter twitter tweet
Tweet twitter tweet twit

Jenny Morris

Reading quietly on
tuesday's number 8 brunswick tram
intimacy in a crowd

Karen McVean

Sun up to sun down
Have a dora! Have a sniff!
Drunks and wastrels all

Neil Krieger

I am a Closer
Here in the Closing World
And I am Closing

Simon Patience

Spot Haiku 24 Part 1 of 3

What a big to do
this panic over swine flu.
Oh No! Aah... at-choo!

Chris Gill

submission writing
snot-filled, brain-dead, and cold-clogged
no right to health here

Jason Rostant

My French Onion Soup
muscular ambrosia
will cure what ails you.

Chris Gill

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Backlog: A suite

me and my big mouth
across the line in the sand
the trap set now waits

don't call me precious
and expect me to fold
you piece of trash

an addiction
a secret

Ian Row

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Two haiku about sausages for lunch

sausages for lunch
legal team's proposition
barter trade or bribe

Ian Row

Sausages for lunch.
Could life be any better?
Yes! If there was sauce!

Chris Gill