Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lush Jacaranda
Branches move like peacock plumes
Squally autumn winds

Eva Brookes

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Liberals are evil,
And Labor has lost its way,
Let's vote for The Greens.

James Von Sutekh
Jericho - ghostly
Oak and faded photographs.
One rusted gravesite.

Catherine Austin


Wanna see my snake?
Dude has a Diamond python!
Not on the first date.

Ian Row
Warbling red bird
Suit of snow upon your back
Rise and shake away

Annie Jeffries
My nose and his foot
Two cripples in Charles Street
Looking for our bin...

Catherine Austin



Hung the moon and stars,
I know he did! And if not...
he was in on it

Jeff Patterson

Voices in her head

Voices in her head
This is why she plays music
Someone else's song

Ian Row


The rival returns
Pushes buttons, flicks switches
A circuit breaker

Ian Row
So many "seers,"
so few "likes" - luckily, I
love my every line

Jeff Patterson
proof read all haikus
an extra syllable makes
a pretty poem

April Norcross

41 outside

41 outside
Inside it's like a resort
Day at the office

Ian Row

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

o despicable
self indulgent creature who
tries to sell me things

April Norcross

Living and dying

living and dying
every breath - inhale, exhale
live and let limbo

Dawn Mok and Ian Row

It's a school night

It's a school night but
I know how you like to live

Ian Row
Winter, north or south?
Both unloved - still, I'd rather have
Yellow grass than snow

Jeff Patterson
Perth airport bustle
Rested but eager for home
FIFO for Xmas

Jason Rostant

Under my skin

Under my skin, your
finger as an antenna
sparks my yearning soul

Spudnik Nebulanut
Stone-handed partners
Sing north of the horizon
Music but a breath

Spudnik Nebulanut
10.43pm ~
Last bus 10pm
Screw you, suburbia!
Not even a cab

10.52pm ~
Rain stops, I walk home
careful not to step on snails
crossing the pavement.

11.08pm ~
This will mend my back
unfold my crumpled body
placate the tetchy spine

Ian Row


melaleuca blooms
plain jane recasts herself
shiny honeyed summer

Ian Row

No crusty baguettes

no crusty baguettes
most people don't dig hard bread
gourmet delusion

Ian Row

Form versus function

form versus function
perfect bound or saddle stitch
that is the question

Ian Row
oh michael jackson!
in nineteen-eighty I would
have spent time with you.

Jeanne Frayne