Saturday, July 31, 2010

Winds keep me Alive
As invisible friends, fam
and lovers to be

Jeff Patterson

Friday, July 30, 2010

An osteopathic haiku

tingling sensation
she's in love with her osteo
her heart in his hand

Ian Row
Of my savagery
(being extinct as I am)
you can only guess.

Terry the Thylacine
Sun so far awry!
Bare branches implore pearl sky
(the ground never dry).

Chris Gill
charity chocolate.
one box, only because I
thought he could be God.

Ian Row

Sunday, July 25, 2010

do the chores, she said
i need help with the laundry
that's not all, he thought

Neil Krieger

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

soy latte wafts through
barely masks the smell of old men
rehab session

Ian Row

Monday, July 12, 2010

that was uncool, babe
let's draw a line in sand
you stand over there

Ian Row
the cookie crumbles
time to bring out the voodoo doll
your unravelling

Ian Row
a script to ensure
i rise above, be gracious
against my nature

Ian Row

Saturday, July 10, 2010

‘though I ask and ask:
Deterministic modeling?
These cats know nothing.

Sutekh The Destroyer
Sorrow deserves rest
You've such little time left here
Be kind, let her sleep

Jeff Patterson

Monday, July 05, 2010

An honest savage
leaving my rainforest home
looks on your smooth lies.

Terry the Thylacine
Struggling to wake up
Cloudy head, seductive warmth
Of my goose down quilt

Natalie Au

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Hot Cross Haiku is Four!

Here’s to us!
We wouldn’t be, if not for you.
So thank you.

Alan Summers
Attachai Had-an
Betty Bogan
Big Koala
Bill Kenney
Cathy Dineen
Cesca Alice
Chanida Supapa
Comrade Harps
Cutler E.Wrights
Chris Gill
Dawn Mok
Doug Hamilton
Jason Rostant
Jeff Patterson
Jenny Morris
Jo Gill
Kanita Panjakul
Karen McVean
Kreangkrai (Bew)
Kulwadee Ekkaphojmethee
Leah Billeam
Lucas Ryan
Matt Ryan
Napawan Chabkangwan
Nathapon Suksawad
Nattiya Apiwat
Nawaporn Amornyut
Neil Krieger
Niparat hanhiam (aka gate)
On-among Kituam
Paetongtal (Pim)
Papawadee Salakphet
Paul Rozario
Pornthiwa Khanthasamram
Rattanaporn Thawin (aka Ann)
Salisa Thanakit (aka Bua)
Sharkbite von Herringattack
Simon Patience
Sutekh The Destroyer
Tadcha Nujuk
Terry the Thylacine
Thatphang Patsanguan
Timothy K
Walter Ego
Wanthida Sawotdimongkhon
Wattanachai Chawalitchaichan

A special thank you to Ian Robertson for bringing the students of
Tratratrankhun Suksa School to Hot Cross Haiku.

And shout outs to:
Damien Rundell
Hot Cross Haiku Facebook group members
Terry the Thylacine (when are you coming home?)

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Speed Round 15 Part 5 of 5

Writ large on the screen
The show mirrors your failings
Leaving you shitty

You are important
So if I leave you sometimes
It's just to come back

The need to move on
Always means sacrificing
Something that is good

That dumb old Clash song
"Should I Stay Or Should I Go?'
Echoes profoundly

Simon Patience

Speed Round 15 Part 4 of 5

Six days left of work
Thailand beaches beckoning,

Butt towel for my butt
Crotch grabbing hunk of meat says-
Fuck you winter chill

August following
Change good as a holiday
All things up for grabs

Jason Rostant

Speed Round 15 Part 3 of 5

i.Train window
Looking out is in!
On the view and each other
passengers reflect.

Chris Gill

Something to cuddle
Burmese kitten, Kelpie cross
A winter boyfriend

Ian Row

beneath my calmness
twitching like a wounded hound -
anxiety's hand

Cathy Dineen

Low fat pork sausage
Lifts me out of the abyss
A life worth living

Ian Row

those footprints I know
on this asian squat toilet
i been here to long

Walter Ego

Speed Round 15 Part 2 of 5

Farewell to Kevin
That last week in politics
Was such a long time

Hello Julia
mix and match it with the best
a tough nut to crack

Leah Billeam

Speed Round 15 Part 1 of 5

Behold the newborn
Ancient, infinite wisdom
Diapered and divine

Who are you, really?
Minus the memories and dreams

Jeff Patterson