Saturday, June 28, 2014

Random sighting

A random sighting
Sal Mineo lookalike
And then he was gone

Ian Row

Friday, June 27, 2014

My phone went off line

My phone went off line
Yesterday for no reason
Today it is back???

James Von Sutekh


It looks like chicken
Textured vegetable protein
It tastes like tofu

Ian Row

Monday, June 23, 2014

Spot Haiku 38 Part 2

i. Workshop
"One thing 'bout yourself"
"I'll show you mine, you show yours"
My heart on my sleeve

Ian Row

ii. Illusion
No optical drives
Apple thinks they're obsolete
No one thought to check?

Ian Row

Thirtieth birthday
A Madonna-themed party
Expressing myself


Pigeons have now left
Exterminators made sure
Car clear of bird dirt

Cameron Clark

Paper birches, years
Ago planted, all have grown
Scales like old dragons.

Carol Ruth Kimmel
[adapted from one Zhang Chinese calligraphy scroll]

they said there'd be storms
blue skies and one toppled bin

Catherine Austin 

vii. Poetry Contest at the Buddhist Temple -- guess the topic
Lecture on haiku
Reining in the wandering mind
Must write about boats

Carol Ruth Kimmel

Spot Haiku 38 Part 1

I just made a cake
With olive oil and cocoa

Catherine Austin

I'm very confused
What is this thing called World Cup?
Can I drink from it?

Neil Krieger

Third Sunday in June
Young father carries his son
Singing as he walks

Carol Ruth Kimmel

these days he leaves me
flowers under my wiper
say I do? I did

Ian Row