Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Seeking the infinite

seeking the finite
brings me full circle back
to the infinite

Dawn Mok

Curse you snooze button!

Curse you snooze button!
Tempting siren of deceit
Now I'm late again.

James Von Sutekh

Grace lives in the space

Grace lives in the space
sincere smiles are found that
at one time held tears

Jeff Patterson

Speed Round 22

Bravery, be mine
Not by pill or liquid - no
Rise from the heart, true

Deceased estate! Yay!
Supply chain of pre-loved goods.
Must contain my joy.

Ian Row

You again
Causing my reflex to flex
Hard habit to break


Continental cake
Twice the cream on the corner
Death by sweet tooth

Ian Row

When truck and train meet
Both road and rail become blocked
Phew! No-one was hurt.

Chris Gill

After forever
I find you; seeing you was
on my bucket list

Ian Row

Midst tumultuous
Change and hope and chance events
I sit – Buddha-like

Cathy Dineen