Saturday, June 30, 2007

a two year old or
one whole leg! - which would you choose?
hop it, says the doc.

Ian Russell
arching her back
missing the call as she sits
confined in her headphones



God, you're so predictable.
Release me. Please.

Ian Row

Thursday, June 28, 2007

anchovy heaven
hangs like a cumulus cloud
in my living room

Ian Row
i feel a future
my stevie to your lindsey
we don't need no band

Ian Row
it's not about you
it's not even about me
a piece of us breaks

Ian Row

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gippsland 2007 Part 6

A haiku about why I think you like jetties

Perhaps it's a bridge
that returns you to the sea -
fish out of water.

Ian Row

Gippsland 2007 Part 5

"From the gutter
to the nature strip"
Baby steps

for Maria Jackson

Ian Row

in the dead centre
of town... the cemetery; folks
dyin' to get in

Chris Gill

iii.Whiskey Bay
There's the ocean
I make the mistake and
search for words

Ian Row

iv.Word & Song
Spoken word makes us
allies; it is our song that
sings a different tune

Ian Row

Gippsland 2007 Part 4

i. Shipwreck
Trinculo's embedded,
his ribs, a shelter, a prop
for fishermen.

always true to me
in your fashion, always true
to me, in your way

with apologies to Cole Porter

average meat pies
ordinary op-shops
leave us wanting

Cypresses for
honour; For everything else, there's
Radiata Pine

Turning the sun down
The windmills winds up the day
Leaves the night unspent

Ian Row

Gippsland 2007 Part 3

Three haiku about rainbows

Rainbow at Moe
triggers thoughts of diversity

Chris Gill & Ian Row

Double rainbow
One for you and one for me
No need to share

Ian Row

Double rainbow
An illusion keeps company,
ushers us through.

Ian Row

Gippsland 2007 Part 2

A morning walk on Ninety Mile Beach

The sun takes its time
Breathe in and taste the salt
I want to hold your hand

I watch them fishing
but I'm captivated by
footprints and sponges

the sun throws shadows:
there's one of us! where we end
is where we begin.

Ian Row

Gippsland 2007 Part 1

Tyres new and aligned
Engine freshly tuned, tank full
Facing down the road

Chris Gill

Friesan cows standing
Udderly ridiculous
Moo moo moo moo moo

Chris Gill

desire lines lead
to resting waters of the loch.
I'm miles away.

Ian Row

Bend the rules for you?
A two letter word

Ian Row

Thursday, June 21, 2007

oh, the heat!
an image of snow
to cool off

Bill Kenney

PS. Remember, it's summer up here.
Smug yank on a tram
God told him to sleep in that day -
missed the gunshots

Cathy Dineen

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Speed Round 5

is measured by the number
of friends on myspace

Cesca Alice

Once upon a time,
two young princes got married.
A fairy story.

Chris Gill

gashed by winter's cold
my face chills, as smokers huddle
around doorways

Karen McVean

life is short and time
is tight. let's not squander it...
on things that don't count.

Cathy Dineen

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ka boom! Slide slide slide
Hit from behind at 60
I do not <3 cars

Matthew Ryan

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wintering in hope
of sunlight. Thin mist falls down
on hope's weak pulse-beat.

Cathy Dineen

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In Memoriam: Ben-Fur 1995-2007

for aunt carmen

life's parting shot that makes a
mockery of death

Ian Row

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Haiku for Terry

i heard that you sing
tonight your words are spoken
but i heard a song

Ian Row

A Haiku for Cyril

your voice, a fire
stokes passion and industry
there's courage in truth

Ian Row
a moment to share
"he looks like Johnny Mathis!"
no one to share with

Ian Row

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

city noises surround
the church; wait for God to call
all i hear are trams

Ian Row
in the shadows he watches
smoke drifting up
as the rain falls


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Seven haiku based on the speed dating activity during work's planning day

Date no.1:
she sings!
All of a sudden you make sense
One more of 'us'

Date no.2:
you're too pretty
to be interesting
too bad

Date no.3:
I like you
Don't even care if you're lying
Silver tongued sweetness

Date no.4:
I point out
your sense of irony
and win you with mine

Date no.5:
my self consciousness
speaks, stringing a platitude
Words worth at arms length

Date no.6:
I meander an
assessment of you - and undo
myself en route

Date no.7:
you've got balls!
things you don't say to a woman
But I'm man enough

extending to you
I build a bridge to myself
You get what you give

Ian Row

Friday, June 01, 2007

Spot Haiku 11

i.Spot Haiku
5-7-5 ensemble
a haiku gathering on

Karen McVean

Rain falling daily
Autumn leaves stick to the ground
The drought has broken

Leah Billeam

umbrella unfolds
buckles and breaks in the wind
the rain takes aim

Ian Row

iv. Stress
Swimming in an ocean of hot piss
No smell, no bliss.

Karen McVean

Court of the Unwashed
Remorseful, sorry and free
She lied under oath

Matthew Ryan

touring the yarra
(birrarung) and mother earth
creature connection

Cathy Dineen

vii.31 May
Shrine of Remembrance
Respecting our Indigenous warriors
hearts, open to prayer.

Karen McVean