Monday, July 04, 2011

Hot Cross Haiku is Five!

Thank you to the following hot crossers for your contributions over the last 12 months.

Alan Summers
Cathy Dineen
Cesca Alice
Chris Gill
Clive the Camel
Dawn Mok
Ian Row
Jason Rostant
Jeff Patterson
Jodie Hawthorne
Margaret Quigley
Natalie Au
Neil Krieger
Patrick McCormick
Simon Patience
Sutekh the Destroyer
Terry the Thylacine
Violet Rose-Jones
Vitee Jampoka

Now, you do know Hot Cross Haiku has a Facebook group, don’t you?
Well, from today onwards Hot Cross Haiku will reproduce its blog content for its Facebook group. It kinda makes sense and this way, the Facebook group members will never have to go without!


Gillena Cox said...

thank you for inviting me to Hot Cross Haiku; Happy 5th anniversary

carambolas sliced -
the star of the salad
tossed into the bowl

much love...

Hot Cross Haiku said...


'i' before 'e' 'cept...
all these years, still can't spell your name
charge it to my head?